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EnviroRite Clearly Clean Hair & Body Wash

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Hair-Body Wash is a non-irritating, soy-based personal cleansing product suitable for use on both body and hair.

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*Soy-nature's versatile, renewable harvest is the cream of the crop among cleansers, natural or otherwise. Hair-Body Wash cleans beautifully, gently and is a wonderful moisturizer! *Designed by and for people with allergies, asthma and chemical sensitivities. *Hair-Body Wash is free of petroleum-based ingredients, fragrances, dyes and other common triggers for respiratory or skin irritations. *Safe to take camping, since Hair-Body Wash, in addition to being non-toxic, breaks down safely and rapidly. *No animals were used in the testing of this product. *INGREDIENTS: Deionized water, Renewable Resource surfactants (palm kernel based), vegetable based glycerine, pH adjusted to preserve using naturally sourced citric acid (from corn).

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