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Nit Free Mint Repellant Spray

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Nit Free Mint Spray comes in a spray bottle, ready to use. Apply to the hair and nape of the neck to ward off the insects and help eliminate them. A pleasant peppermint fragrance is combined with a powerful enzyme formula. Multiple daily applications are safe for children and all users. This product is guaranteed if used as directed.

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  • Nit Free Mint Spray is a pleasently scented formula that contains Peppermint Oil which is a natural insect repellent.
  • This organic enzyme and hebal based spray helps ward off and remove lice and other insects.
  • The Nit Free Mint Spray is used along with head lice treatments (Lice and Nit Removal Kit) to eradicate insects from your hair and body.
  • Long Lasting effects - Smells Great - Works on all insects as a long lasting repellent

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